Product Information

Great Aussie Stock Aids produce two primary products: Original Mix and Original Mix + 6% Urea.

Both are sold as a loose mix in 40 kg bags or in bulk. Producing a loose mix, rather than blocks, enables us to maintain a well-priced product, helps ensure each animal gets an even intake of nutrients, and means it can easily be added to a feedlot ration.

We also produce custom mixes on request, in minimum 6 tonne loads.

Base ingredients of Great Aussie Stock Aids include lime, molasses, gypsum and salt. In addition, a ruminant premix is added. The analysis of our base ingredients and the ruminant premix can be found in separate tables below.

Base Ingredients: Lime, Salt (22%), Gypsum & Molasses (1.5-3%)
Macro Minerals (g/kg)
Ca (Calcium)191
Na (Sodium) 75
S (Sulphur)50
Mg (Magnesium)3.4
K (Potassium)0.9
P (Phosphorus)< 0.1
Micro Minerals (mg/kg)
Co (Cobalt)4000
Fe (Iron)600
Mn (Manganese)< 100
Zn (Zinc) 30
Cu (Copper)10
Also available: Original Mix + 6% Urea
Ruminant Premix (1 kg/tonne added)
Active Ingredient Content /kg
Vitamin A5 MIU
Vitamin D31 MIU
Vitamin E20g
Sodium Sulphate200g